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Dear Editor-in-Chief,

Your journal is a young journal that I feel has set out on the correct foot, such as the constitution of the editorial board and professionalism of the website. I wish you and your colleagues success.

I would like to take this opportunity to make a few suggestions. First, that you have or will develop a strategy for installing a journal management system. That is a major undertaking, and it needs various resources.

Second, I appreciate the effort you have put into obtaining author contribution details. That is badly needed in Libya. But I find the form confusing, and if I was faced with it I wouldn’t be sure about how to fill it in. In this context, I suggest that you also align the author contributions with those specified by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.

Substantial contributions to the conception or (in the form is written “of”) design of the work; OR the acquisition (this is missing), analysis, or interpretation of data for the work

Also, in “All contributions who do not meet the criteria,” change who to that.

I have on a number of occasions criticized the increasing growth of new journals, but in this case I feel it will be a welcome addition.

Kind regards,

Amin Bredan, PhD

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