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Received date : 04-02-2022 Revised date : 28-02-2022 Accepted date : 13-03-2022 Published date : 31-03-2022

Mediterr J Pharm Pharm Sci 2 (1): 100-108, 2022


Original Research

Effect of occupational exposure on hematological and biochemical parameters in workers at oil and gas companies

Ghada M. Salem, Seham Shaboun, Yosra M. Algamodei, Maram F. Almalyan, Ekhlass M. Althwadi, Ahmed A. Zaid, Sara A. Hwisa, Fakhri F. Aljidaemi, Salah A.B. Bahroun

Petroleum refineries are largest chemical industries that are responsible for emission of several
pollutants into the atmosphere. Benzene and its metabolites are regarded as the most hazardous compounds
that are emitted by petroleum refineries. These contribute to toxic oxidants, which cause many serious health
risks to petroleum refineries workers. This study was aimed to analyze the effects of chemical exposure on
hematological and biochemical parameters among workers at Zawia oil refinery and Mellituh oil and gas
refinery companies. A total of 200 workers participated in this study which consisting of two equal groups
(each group: n = 100). The first group consists of petroleum refineries workers and the second group consists
of non-oil work civil servants serving were recruited as exposed and control subjects, respectively. The results
of blood picture, liver enzymes and kidney functions were compared between the groups. Mean white blood
cells counts, platelet counts, and hematocrit count were significantly higher, while the mean red blood cells
count was insignificantly changed in petroleum refineries workers. While the mean hemoglobin and
corpuscular hemoglobin concentration levels were significantly lower, whereas the mean corpuscular volume
and mean corpuscular hemoglobin levels were insignificantly changed in petrol refineries workers. Liver
enzymes and renal functions were significantly higher in petrol refineries workers. The present findings
indicate that occupational exposure to benzene causes significant alterations in hematological and biochemical
parameters and workers are at high risk of developing blood, hepatic or renal related disorders. Protection and
frequent medical attention should be given to petroleum refineries workers.
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