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Received date : 13-01-2022 Published date : 31-03-2022

Mediterr J Pharm Pharm Sci 2 (1): 4-7, 2022

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6397714


Libyan cause of death report: Analysis of cause of death data for two years, 2016-2017: A book review

Ramadan M. Elkalmi

This report on Mortality in Libya, with a particular emphasis on causes of death in the country for
two years, 2016 - 2017, comes when there is a shortage of mortality studies in this country and in the
developing world. The importance of death studies lies on the fact that they map out the hidden features of a
community's health program. Unfortunately, there are no robust death studies in most developing countries,
most of which are descriptive studies of statistical report or public survey. This study aims to read and review
this report scientifically and impartially critically and to shed more light on this report. This report is the first
of its kind in Libya. It discusses the causes of death in Libya for two years, 2016 - 2017. The report issued in
English and Arabic languages. The report relied basically on medically documented death certificate for the
death cases in hospital or home in Libya. The report indicated that there were 25 478 deaths in Libya in 2016
and 27 167 deaths in 2017, with crude death rate of 4.0 / 1000 of the population for 2016 and 4.1 / 1000
inhabitants for the year 2017. Furthermore, cardiovascular disease was the leading cause of death at all ages
and sexes during the two years covered by the study. There is an urgent need for well-designed meta-analytical
studies on mortality in Libya.
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